THE LIMIT CLUB :: Record Release Party

Psyko Steve Presents

THE LIMIT CLUB :: Record Release Party


Fri, September 12, 2014

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Club Red Theaters

Mesa, AZ

$8.00 - $10.00

This event is all ages

We're THE LIMIT CLUB. We've been rockin' all over the place since 2005! We wanna shake your skin right off yer bloody bones! Hahahahaha!

The very first Limit Club show was June 16, 2005. We played that fateful gig with only one practice and no idea what we were doing. Our band had yet to be named, the only attendees were a handful of friends. Our three members; The George on drums, Cadaverous Joel on upright bass, Nick Feratu (that'll be me) on guitar and vocals all had different ideas of the scope of this event. Nevertheless, we thought we'd be amazing. Anything would be better than the sea of terrible bullshit we'd been swimming in our entire lives here in the blown-apart musical graveyards of Phoenix, AZ. Hardcore metal and emotional eunuch music had taken full effect and we would stop at nothing to see it destroyed.

A handful of demos were passed around containing nine scratchy four-track cassette tape recordings. I'd recorded a series of songs by myself with a guitar, electric bass played rockabilly style and an electronic drum machine. After this initial appearance, we wouldn't play together again for almost five months.

When we finally "got our act together", we began playing regularly and were immediately shuffled into the local darkling scene of Horror Punks and Psychobillies. The boots fit, so we wore them. Guided by a newfound friendship with an idol of mine (Mr. Paul Roman from the Quakes), we decided to go the independent route and do everything ourselves. Many of our contemporaries in The Koffin Kats, Calabrese, and innumerable other bands were making a name for themselves already with just the help of the internet and networking with other bands. It seemed to be the most efficient way of doing business. Who has time to sit around and wait for a record label?

After playing in and around Phoenix for a year and a half, we decided to record our first album. The result was an entirely original piece of work we titled "God Damn The Limit Club" after the anti-religious sentiment contained in many of the lyrics. In November 2006, our first child was conceived and in June 2007, she was born. Around this time, our boat sprung it's first leak.

The George decided he'd has his fill. He bailed out to focus his energies on schooling and girlfriend type things. After George, we had a temporary stand in for all of three months, Jack Mattern. When he inevitably scooted back from where he'd come, we ended up with a real wildcard son-of-a-bitch. His name was Juan Carlos. He joined the band and successfully lit a fuse under our seats. The band had a newfound energy, and all sorts of possibilities opened before us.

June 7, 2007 - The CD release show for "God Damn The Limit Club" was a glittering, throbbing affair (bands in attendance were Mad Sin, Chop Tops and the Koffin Kats, among others). What we lacked in technical ability we made up for in ambition and energy (at least that's what we told ourselves). We took our first stabs at traveling road-shows and eventually a full West Coast US tour, with questionable levels of success.

Playing about the regional southwest US (and maybe maturing just an eeeensy bit) was the agenda for most of 2007. Upon next yearfall, we began scrambling around for cash to record a new album. And release we did. After one more attempt at a west coast tour, this time with our new friends, The VideoNasties. Miserably, the tour was de-railed due to auto accident after just three shows. Bouncing right back, our second album "Phantom Cats" was released at our own
headlining show on September 26, 2008.

After the release of "Phantom Cats", tensions grew to a head within the band. They'd actually been brewing for a fuck-of-a-long-time, but we didn't know how to handle it. After playing exactly nine more shows with the band, Joel was relieved of his duty on the upright bass and co-captain chair. The reason we gave people (and we still give certain people today), is he needed more time to focus on his family and newborn baby.

Holy fuck, we fired Joel! What did we do then?! It's okay, we had an ace in the hole. Secret Agent Nicholas David was our new weapon. We'd jammed with him once or twice as an emergency back-up before making our decision (it was just logical, man). Nicholas David (NickDave for short) knew how to play a goddamn bass. He just needed a bit of buffing to make him reeeeally shine. We gave him some intensive treatment over the next month (pillow case filled with doorknobs; easiest way) before we showed him to the world. NickDave was awesome. His enthusiasm for music and rocking the upright was limitless. We were glad to sew him on as our own lovely, new appendage. Thus began the Cutthroat Business.

Juan Carlos proved himself worthy of The Quakes taking over stage right aside Paul Roman and Kenny Hill. This elbowed our name a little closer toward legitimacy for all the doubtful bastards out there calling for our blood. Juan began straddling his new position of world traveling musician in The Quakes and his already-hectic schedule with the Limit Club. With Juan doing double duty and a brand new low-end man, we embarked on "The Cutthroat Business West Coast Tour". The numbers for the tour; 25 days, 19 shows, 19 cities, 7 states, 1,000s of miles.

In May 2011 we released an all new sonic assault upon the world, "This is Cutthroat Business". We spent over two years putting the album together, and we feel it encompasses everything we've ever done (doomish Goth tunes, super-fast Psycho Punk thrashers, and Neo-Rockabilly Swing) as well as branch out in a few new directions. Click here to buy it. Trust us, baby. Have we ever done you wrong?

July / August 2011 saw us hit the road once again. This time with our pals Henchmen from Los Angeles, CA for the "Dirty Work" US Tour. This tour took us across the country into many areas we'd never played, including the East Coast, Midwest and Southern regions. We were on the road for 43 days straight, played 37 shows total in 23 different states! A new record for us.

In October 2011, we did and experimental live show with an expanded lineup (courtesy of the band Manual Sex Drive). The show featured keyboards, trombone, second guitar and second drums. Not long after, it was announced that Monty O'Blivion would be joining us full time on auxiliary guitar and vocals. His previous credits include guitars and vocals for VideoNasties, Manual Sex Drive and post-production on "This Is Cutthroat Business". Now with an expanded, more powerful lineup, we're plotting our next move and have no plans of slowing
down any time soon.
Venue Information:
Club Red Theaters
1306 W. University
Mesa, AZ, 85201