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Psyko Steve’s Local Spotlight: It’s Embarrassing


Here at Psyko Steve Presents, we want to recognize some of the amazing bands in the Phoenix music scene, so we started Psyko Steve’s Local Spotlight – a regular feature where we get to know and highlight some of our favorite local groups. For the next installment of this series, we’re featuring It’s Embarrassing

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It’s Embarrassing plays rowdy, unabashed punk rock. We think they summed it up pretty well in their bio: “Conjuring riot grrrl legends Bratmobile and no-holds-barred Bikini Kill, they tackle serious issues of depression and mental illness with a fast and intense fury.” The band’s sense of humor shines through in their lyrics and live show, which makes It’s Embarrassing a very fun band to watch. Read More

Announcing: Make It Loud – Pitch Perfect – February 18 at The Rebel Lounge

Announcing: Psyko Steve Presents

Make It Loud – Pitch Perfect

A panel discussion series for new artists in the music industry

February 18th at The Rebel Lounge

MAKE IT LOUD is a live panel discussion series on how to make it as a new artist in today’s music industry. Hosted by Stephen Chilton and Jeff Taylor of Psyko Steve Presents, MAKE IT LOUD is a series of talks with a curated lineup of special guests. The guests include industry figures in Arizona’s music business, as well as established musicians on a wide range of topics aimed at helping new artists learn how to navigate an ever changing music industry. Read More