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Last week was all about Kinch

Kinch: Collars and SleevesIt seemed like last week was all about Kinch! There two shows this weekend at First Friday and then Yucca were insane. Huge crowds and Kinch killed it on stage. Andrew is really coming to life on stage these days. They also seemed to be covered by every media in town (complete list after the break).

The weeks festivities were all centered around the new EP “Collars and Sleeves.” The EP is made up of four songs recorded by the band themselves and are more raw and live-sounding that the last EP.

You can download the EP for free here.

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Eye Alaska announce show in Mesa

Eye Alaska have just announced they will be doing a show on Tuesday August 25th at Eikon Arts in Mesa.

Brandon Wronski of Eye Alaska has described the CA-based group’s eclectic, multi-genre sound as “cinematic rock.” Wronski and band mates create intricate tracks that mesh and intertwine to form individual parts of a greater story. Wronski sees the world as a movie, and he wants to write its soundtrack. Eye Alaska has just released their debut album Genesis Underground (Fearless Records). Orchestrated by renowned producer Matt Wallace (Maroon 5, Faith No More, Sheryl Crow) and co-produced by Wronski. Right after the release of the new record the just completed a seven week tour with The Cab and The Summer Set.

Eikon Arts is a youth center art gallery and music venue in the Red Mountain Christian Center in East Mesa, located at Power Road and Adobe.