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“Life Passed Me By” new Super Stereo video

Local dance-pop act Super Stereo have released their new video for “Life Passed Me By.”

If you have talked to me lately about what local bands should be doing you will have heard me rant about the lack of good quality videos online to see local bands and their music. Just none have anything to watch online to check them out. Super Stereo have just thrown down the gauntlet and schooled everyone.

This video is great, high quality, for a great song and it completely captures the band. Great job guys!

Wonder if anyone else will see this and step up!

Watch the video after the break.

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VIDEO: Henry Rollins Rant on Punk Songs in Commercials

I just fount this YouTube clip of the never soft spoken Henry Rollins ranting on classic punk songs ending up in car commercials on his show “The Henry Rollins Show.” Rollins has a tendency to be self righteous but I think he is right on point this time in his defense of bands selling their songs.

“Selling out is when you make the record you are told to make instead of the record you want to make.” – Rollins

Watch Rollins rant after the break.
Read More on Ticketmaster and Online Ticketing has a very interesting article on Ticketmaster and why no one can take it down. We all hate “those goddamned Ticketmaster service fees,” and as the article suggests we all hate the lack of innovation coming from them as well. But the article also shows the reliability they offer that no one has been able to beat yet.

The question I have for you is what ticket services do you like buying from? Which are easiest to use form the consumer end? I must admit I rarely have to buy tickets online so I am not the best critic of their different strengths and weaknesses.

What do you all think of (that I use)?
What about (that Stateside Presents mostly uses)?
Front Gate (that UM uses)? that Luckyman and The Marquee use?
Or PayPal like Mantooth Group use?

Any you love? Or hate?

Any that I am forgetting? Any new innovative new ticketing option you wish people would use?

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