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Moneen offer CD with Ticket

Moneen CD + Ticket I have teamed up with Moneen and Vagrant to offer CD and Ticket bundle for their upcoming show in Flagstaff.

This bundle includes a copy of Moneen‘s great new album, The World I Want To Leave Behind, and one ticket to a show on October 12th at The White Dove in Flagstaff for just $12. Your ticket will be mailed out in the same package as your CD.

If you do not want to perches the new CD you can still buy an tickets by them selves from

Watch their new video Hold That Sound after the break.

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I was Interviewed on KJZZ Today

Our local NPR affiliate KJZZ ran a story this morning on Arizona bands at SXSW and the I HEART AZ party I hosted. They interviewed PJ and Ian from Dear And The Headlights, Brian and Andrew from Kinch, and then myself for the story.

Listen to Arizona Rocks Austin Festival

Thanks to Marcos Najera for covering the Arizona bands at SXSW.