Psyko Steve & The Lunchbox Present



Tue, July 23, 2019

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

The Lunchbox

Phoenix, AZ

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is all ages

Florida Guilt is the debut album by Boston based trio Bay Faction (comprised of James McDermott, Kris Roman, and Alex Agresti). Sonically a departure from their released body of work, the band explores the duality between bedroom pop intimacy and the subdued energy of soft rock. Despite the band’s prolificity, Bay Faction have remained relatively quiet since their EP released in 2015, focusing on honing their craft as both songwriters and recording artists.

Forgoing the formal studio environment, the band tracked the album out of their Bushwick apartment with weekend retreats to drummer Agresti’s home studio. The quiet New Jersey suburb offered time for the band to mull over every detail and meticulously craft the sound design for the album.

Growing up in the post dot-com bubble, the up cycling of pop culture’s trends accelerate with today’s generation fervent for the nostalgia of kitschy consumer electronics and burgeoning social media. Deconstructed and repurposed, these artifacts manifest as a playfully ironic nod to early 2000’s electro pop and indie rock.

For the band, Florida Guilt is a cathartic release. The decrepit state, harboring a decaying population, embodies the ethos of McDermott’s religious upbringing. Plagued by Catholic guilt stemming from the repression of his queer identity, McDermott wrestles with inner turmoil and a longing for the innocuous pleasures of youth.
No Lungs is a loud, indie rock project by musician and songwriter Austin Ryan. Ryan grew up in Chandler, Arizona and fell in love with music by middle school. Beginning his freshman year of high school, Ryan started playing drums in bands ranging from grunge to surf rock, continuing through his freshman year of college. During the hiatus of his most recent band, Ryan began to craft and record songs in his bedroom, taking influence from Will Toledo of Car Seat Headrest, who recorded and released albums in a similar manner. Ryan plays all of the instruments on recordings. Although the Car Seat Headrest practice of releasing music at lightning speed was present, the sound is shaped by Ryan’s love for indie rock bands ranging from Nada Surf and The Get Up Kids to Bloc Party and Cloud Nothings.

In December 2017, Ryan began to build a following on social media, specifically on Instagram, unbeknownst to his friends and band. On January 9, 2018, he issued the first No Lungs full-length, These Threads Lead Somewhere. The album featured seven songs recorded over the course of two weeks, featuring one that was 12 minutes long, pushing the debut slightly past the 40 minute mark. Later that month, he began work on what would become his second full-length. Ryan also assembled a lineup for live performances, opting to play guitar and sing.

Ryan released Never Live It Down, his second full-length under No Lungs, that April. Although there was only a three month difference between both of the albums’ releases, Never Live It Down was darker--lyrically, musically, and even to the ominous cover art taken by fellow Arizona artist, Natalie Picht. It took three times longer to record than the first album, despite working up to 12 hours on some days. Ryan mentioned the difference between the albums, stating “The first album is more about people themselves. The second album is focused a lot on situations as opposed to just a person.” While These Threads Lead Somewhere was primarily a breakup album, Never Live It Down touches on dissociation, mental disorders, suicide, toxic relationships, and more spanning the ten songs that make up the album. It earned Ryan praise from and even Car Seat Headrest themselves.

In June, Ryan decided to take No Lungs more seriously and decided to re-record both No Lungs full-lengths explaining in an interview, “I mixed on crappy headphones, the drums were only recorded with two microphones, I didn’t test things out, and at the time I didn’t care to put too much into it because I was just having fun. I definitely didn’t give either album my best.” Ryan continued to record every instrument himself, a method he prefers as opposed to playing in a typical band, but this time with a vitalized vision and drive that was not present when the first recordings were being produced. Evidence of the new versions of songs came with the quiet release of three songs from These Threads Lead Somewhere-- “Little Heart Attacks”, “Ghosts Don’t Know”, and "All Is Well". The full re-recorded album was issued on August 3.

In September, Ryan unveiled “Hard Truths Devoured” which served as the first of two singles (the second being “Flower Crown”) from the second album, Never Live It Down. Never Live It Down was issued on November 16.

Ryan entered the new year by releasing “New Devil,” the first No Lungs song of 2019. Ryan is currently crafting new music for what will become the third No Lungs full-length.
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The Lunchbox
4132 E McDowell Rd.
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